leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsule (T-FS QD 12% CBD), 30 pcs

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CE-certified CBD capsule, according to the Class I Medical Devices Directive.

– Scientifically produced with natural and organic ingredients directly from nature!

– Cleaner, safer and more efficient than non-medically approved CBD capsules!


Letter Explanation

T-FS = THC-free full spectrum

QD = Quantum Dot (technology to increase the effectiveness of natural ingredients)



MCT coconut oil, THC-free full spectrum hemp extract and silicon dioxide.


Dosage and content:

Each leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsule T-FS QD 12 contains 12 mg of biophysically enhanced CBD.

A can of leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsule contains 30 capsules.


Area of use

leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsule with biophysically improved CBD, relieves pain and inflammation and has a calming and relaxing effect. The ingredients from the original plant release their beneficial properties in the body after you have consumed it. The purpose of leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsules is implemented through a complete physical procedure.


Natural product

leafBasic CBDmed Softgel Capsule does not contain alcohol, sugar, artificial colors, lactose or gluten.

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CBDmed Kapsel

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