MedCam UVC Lamp Pro U12

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Powerful UVC lamp for larger spaces.


Examples of areas of use: medical facilities, hotels, offices, the food industry, gyms, changing rooms, schools and all industries that need to sterilize a larger area.

A more environmentally friendly way to sterilize all types of premises, instead of using cleaning chemicals around the clock.

UVC is an effective way to kill, among other things like. mites, bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and algae.

Medcam’s UVC lamp is of high quality, which saves you a lot of money for later maintenance.



Technical specification

Input voltage (V): AC 220V (± 10%)

Warranty: 1 year

Supports dimmer: No.

Life span: 8000 timmar

Light source: Quartz Tube

UV optical effect: 800 μW/cm2

The light efficiency of the lamp: 80 Im/w

Wave-length: 254 nm

Control: Remote control

Features: Built-in microwave sensor + PIR

Material: Reflective AL ADC12

Base: G5 UV lamp

Mounting: Ceiling / hanging / wall mounted

Certification: CE, FCC, PSE EPA, ROHS


NOTE! This product must be installed by a certified electrician and the product must be used in a controlled manner.


UVC is harmful to humans, animals and plants, so avoid unnecessary exposure to UVC.

Avoid looking directly into the light and always wear safety goggles in direct contact. Put up information or warning signs where UVC is to be used, e.g. at entrance doors.


Contact us for more information about e.g. uses, installation or other types of UVC products!