Face mask, 3-layer (50 pcs)

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Face mask / mouth guard with 3 layers for good filtering ability. For daily use. To healthcare professionals and others in need. Protects against the Covid-19 virus and other viruses. CE market and ISO manufactured.


Model and specification

The face mask can be formed in different ways: flat shape, arrow leaf shape, bow shape or folded. According to the method ”PeiThe Wearing” the mask can be attached around the ears, tied or worn on the head. 50 pcs per pack.


Structure and composition

The face mask is made of Meltblown-Nonwoven textile. The nose band is made of plastic material, which consists of elastic band or string.


Area of use

This face protection is suitable to use in health care in public places where there is no risk of being exposed directly to body fluids and / or splashes.



Open the package, remove the mask, straighten the nose band, adjust the nose band, put the mask over the nose and mouth and shape with your hands. Adjust the nose band over the nose, from the center out to the sides, gently push and shape the mask until it sits comfortably and tightly around the nose and mouth.





Information and warnings

  1. This product is a consumable item and should be discarded in accordance with laws and regulations after use.
  2. Do not use the product if it has changed (absorbed moisture, become yellow or has has mold on it).
  3. Do not use after expiry date.
  4. Do not touch the inside of the mask during use.
  5. Use as soon as possible after removing the product from the package.



The product should be stored in a room with relative humidity lower than 80%, free from corrosive gases and with good ventilation.