Wheelchair scale model 6570 (3 scales in 1)

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Stable, lightweight and versatile wheelchair scales for all types of patients. It can be used for wheelchairs, ordinary chairs or as a standing up scale. The slightly longer ramps on both sides make it easy to roll on and off the wheelchair. With the stable handle you can hold on without affecting the weight in a standing up position. With folding seat there is also a chair scale. These are really 3 different types of scales integrated in 1 scale! The folding structure of the weighing plate and the stable wheels makes it easy to move and so it takes up less storage space. The tare functions automatically display the patient’s net weight automatically. The detachable digital display can be easily adjusted to read it from multiple angles. The large, easily accessible and low profile makes this wheelchair scale comfortable and safe for both patients and staff.

Capacity: 450 kg = 992lb
Scale division: 0.1 kg = 3.5 oz
Weight: 63 Kg = 138 lb
Dimensions (scale plate): 810 x 910 x 56 mm
Power supply:Electrical wall plug / Batteries
Display: Digital LCD