Chair Scale model 6875

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Ergonomists made this stylish and battery-powered chair’s modern design. This system comes complete with a large LCD display. It has a capacity of 180 kg = 396 lb with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 kg. = 3.5 oz Large diameter, hidden wheels and smooth style make this scale very portable. The large high-resolution LCD display is battery-powered and easy to read even in bright light conditions. The display can be rotated in principle to any angle for easy reading from different angles. The armrests are easily folded out of the way to increase patient accessibility. The footrests on the 6875 are folded away to ensure the patient’s safety to get in or out of the scales.

Capacity: 180 kg = 396 lb
Scale division: 0.1 kg = 3.5 oz
Display: Digital LCD
Power supply:Electrical wall plug / Batteries