C-Detect: Autonomous continuous vitals signs monitor

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A new unique sensor for increased security and independence for the user and to reduce stress for healthcare staff and relatives.
This product was developed in collaboration with several large organisations.
Medically approved product with CE certification Class I medical device.

C-Detect is an independent, medically approved device for several vital parameters. In contrast to spot measurements, continuous monitoring means that changed values are detected more quickly.

The device is entirely autonomous and will always work, regardless of whether it is connected or not and does not need extra infrastructure for communication, such as, e.g. router or hub. All communication is saved inside the device’s hardware. The device measures the user’s vital signs continuously at rest.
It is worn on the upper arm to maximize the accuracy of the multiple sensors, which also minimizes motion disturbances in products like wrist-worn devices and watches.

C-Detect has been developed focusing on four vital parameters: pulse, breathing rate, oxygen uptake, internal body temperature.

Unlike exercise equipment, this device has a built-in 3-axis positioning sensor that ensures that measurements are taken “at rest” as the sensor senses the patient’s movement levels and position. This further increases the precision of vital signs and has fall detection.

The built-in software manages the measurement process and provides a visible and haptic (vibration) response if the values are outside the personally preset ranges. If the multi-color LED remains blue, all is well, but if it changes colour to orange, take action or call for help.
The alert system can be fully automated if the sensor is connected to some platform.

C-Detect can be used independently as a standalone without any particular infrastructure.

Waire Health SDK is available for partner development.
Full access to the sensor’s raw data is possible, and all parameters are configurable, including the monitoring.


Features C-Detect

  • Heart Rate + Resting Heart Rate + Trending
  • Respiration Rate + Resting Respiration Rate + Trending
  • SPO2% + Resting SPO2% + Trending
  • Core Body Temp + Skin Temp
  • 3-Axis Position – Face up\down\on L side etc
  • Fall Detection with G-Force & Fall Prediction with location
  • Sleep Time (coming soon)
  • Pulse Respiratory Quotient
  • Heart Rate Variability + RMSSD
  • Perfusion Index
  • Time Spent at rest
  • Activity – Running, Walking etc
  • Step Count & Run Step count
  • Kcals expended
  • Panic Button\Alarm internal
  • Off-Grid Data recording & Local A.I. Alerting
  • Packet Data Quality \ Confidence
  • USB Charging (1hr to full charge)
  • Up to 5 Day Battery life
  • *Indoor GPS Location, Temp and Humidity
  • IP64 – Showerproof
  • Bluetooth 5 (Long Range) + Wi-Fi + Cellular is internal
  • Auto connection to BP Cuff and Weight Scales



  • Low bacterial contamination risk.
  • Low motion artifact contamination of PPG data (unlike wrist based device).
  • Low patient stigmatisation (is hidden)
  • No Adhesives – Will not tear skin on the elderly
  • Autonomous – Just wear it
  • Can be sent vie the mail pre-configured
  • Patient can be discharged with unit.


Download more detailed information sheet, with technical description and detailed specifications, here (English): C-Detect Info from Waire Health

Other information: C-Detect can be ordered with a built-in GSM connection. There is an additional cost for this, contact Medcam or your dealer for more information.