iHealth Align Glucometer

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Glucose meter

iHealth Glucose measuring strips are sold separately.

Works only with iHealth test strips and the app has tracker of expiration date and quantity, so you never have to stand without test strips.

The package contains
1st Reader
1st Lancing Pen
10pcs lancets
4pcs Protection in different colors
1st Travel case

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Small. Discreet. Reliable.

Small as a coin this little glucose meter fits in your pocket and is inserted directly into a smartphone or tablet for reliable values anytime, anywhere.

Reliable and approved by authorities

Take control of your diabetes with iHealth Align. Document your medication, exercise and diet and saves trends over time to give a better overview of your health.


iHealth Align

  • Model: BG1
  • Connection: Mobile device headphone jack
  • Measuring method: Amperometric technology using glucose oxidase
  • Single patient use for self-testing only
  • Use only iHealth Test Strips
  • Package includes the meter, lancing device, lancets, four colored cases, clear cap


  • 2.03” x 1.17” x 0.37”

Power and battery

  • 3.0V (CR1620)

Interval & Accuracy

  • Results Interval:20 mg/dL ~600 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L~33.3mmol/L)
  • Blood source: Fresh capillary whole blood
  • Blood volume: Min. 0.7 µL

Operation and storage

  • Operating temperature: 10 ° C-35 ° C
  • Storage conditions: (iHealth Align and Measuring Strips): 4° C~30° C, Humidity< 80% RH
  • Storage conditions (iHealth Align): -20° C~55° C; Humidity < 80%RH